Seeds of Dream

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tree Seeds dream


Regardless of our gender, birthplace, culture, language, religion or social status, imagine that all of us receive a number of seeds at birth.  Each and every one of these seeds represents an embryonic dream or project that is near and dear to our heart and that we want to make happen in our lifetime.

We then have to make an entirely personal decision:


Should we become the gardener of our self-fulfillment and plant one or many of our seeds?


Or should we ignore our own seeds because we fear failure, never plant them and get our hands dirty for someone else’s seeds, taking the risk that the fruits harvested do not really taste the way we wanted them to?

The sooner you will plant your seeds, the easier it will be for them to root themselves deeply, to grow in a fertile soil and to produce a strong tree able to withstand the dry and difficult times you will have to experience in your life. And the more effort you will put into making sure you tree grows the way you want it to, the more beneficial for your happiness and self-fulfillment its fruits will be.

Do keep in mind that the seed you will plant is your responsibility, as is the success or failure of its growth. Moreover, the quality of care given so that your seed grows matters as much as the number of planted seeds: No matter how much your care for them, some seeds will eventually turn out to be sterile and will never give any fruits. However, other seeds planted in the compost of imagination and fertilized with courage and persistence will be able to germinate, grow and one day, become a beautiful tree casting a shade that offers you comfort in times of troubles or doubts.

Many gardeners will tell you how hard it can be to grow a tree sometimes. Just taking the decision to plant a seed despite the fact that the environment or weather conditions may seem to be unfavorable already represents a challenge in itself, mostly because we fear failure. But do not forget that a tree needs time and patience to bloom and reach its full height.

So don’t be discouraged:

And who knows, your tree’s fruits might well scatter in the wind and inspire other gardeners in the making to plant their own seeds!


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