See the glass completely full

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You think it is better to always focus on the positive side of things and to avoid the negative side?

In this case, this glass is for you!

The well-known question, which we all asked ourselves at least once, is the following:

Is the glass half-full or half-empty?


On one hand, if you answer this question with “half-full”, you probably belong to this category of people usually referred to as optimistic: you have a tendency to focus on positive things or to look on the bright side of life.

On the other hand, if your answer to the question is “half-empty”, well, the odds are high that you are a pessimist: you have a tendency to focus on the negative or to take a gloomy view of things.

However, I believe there is a third answer to this question, and this answer is not considered often enough. Even if, generally speaking, life is a little easier and more enjoyable for optimists, there is surely one thing that both optimists and pessimists do not see: the glass is completely full, half of water and half of air!

Life is a little bit like this glass of water: it is made up of good times (water) and bad times (air). Good times bring us happiness, bad times bring us experience, but both are necessary to our self-fulfillment.

As a consequence, always focusing on either positive or negative aspects of a situation can prevent us from seeing the big picture and learning everything there is to learn from it.


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