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Surname, Name: Lucie Mikimi – Tony Mikimi

Date of birth: June, 02 1989 – January, 11 1986

Place of residence: Cenon, France

Profession: Communication and Public Relations Manager, Dancer – Special-Education Teacher, Dancer


Lucie: I was born in the countryside, fare away from civilization, closed off to TV until I went to university in Lyon to study cross-cultural management… You see, you can still become someone in life without a TV!

I took my first African dance class at the age of 17. Before that, I rode horses… Since then, I never stopped dancing. It became a passion and I practice it every day. After that, I became professional but I keep on learning daily. This triggered my desire to travel around the world to learn even more!

Tony: I was born in Kinshasa, Congo and arrived in France when I was 11. I was already doing acrobatics back then, as I was hopeless at football. Of course, I carried on when I arrived in France, but I also started boxing and playing basketball.

Then, I discovered breakdancing and I have been practicing this style for 20 years. 8 years ago, I injured myself but used this opportunity to discover Latin dance styles, as they were the only styles I could dance at the time. I taught breakdancing and salsa in Paris and I met Lucie. Together, we have improved our skills and became professional kizomba, salsa and afro house dancers.

I am currently studying to become educator and work with disabled people. This occupation is dear to my heart, as is dancing and acrobatics.


Charity project : World Tour of Dance

The idea behind this project is to go meet people all around the world, offer free dance workshops and stay at their home in return. Our project gives priority to those who could normally not afford to pay for dance classes.

Ever since we have met, we have encountered amazing people in France and abroad who gave us so much, both on a professional and a personal level.

Today, it is our time to give something back. We want to meet more people, but on an international level. We want to help, share, exchange, live together while traveling the wolrd … and dancing!

We want to feel useful and available for others. Dancing is the best way we have to achieve those goals, and what a way! Dancing is love, it fortifies human beings deep down and gives them a sense of self-fulfillment.

First, dancing helps create social connections. It gives human beings a way to express, get away, let go, share, experiment, and forget about problems. To cut a long story short, dancing enables us to live our life to the fullest!

We wish to go on a world tour of dance as of July 2017. This tour will include a social commitment dear to our heart. We will cross the 5 continents and many countries, from Burkina Faso, Madagascar, Mongolia and Peru to Japan, Cambodia, Cuba, and many other.

Did you know?

Tony was born in Africa and, when he met Lucie, he could dance many styles but none of his own continent. It is Lucie who introduced him to African dancing styles. And today, he masters them better than she does!

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