Inspirachiever Pierre Leroy

Inspirachiever Pierre Leroy


Surname, Name: Pierre Leroy

Date of birth: October 8th, 1961

Place of residence: Puy-Saint-André, France

Occupation: former Health Executive, Mayor of Puy-Saint-André, Vice-President of Briançonnais Federation of Municipalities, President of Pays Grand Briançonnais


Following a community and political commitment of twenty years to protect the environment, equal rights and a sustainable future, I decided to give myself the means to go even further.

I became mayor of my village – Puy-Saint-André, around 500 inhabitants – in 2008 and, with the help of my team, we decided to help our territory transition to a more sustainable era. I also quit my job and decided to try to live a less materialistic lifestyle (“sobriété heureuse” or pleasing simplicity) in order to take care of the territory I live in and its inhabitants.


In concrete terms, we manage to reduce potable water consumption by 60%, energy consumption by 30% and waste generation by 30%.

We planted 2,500 trees as well as fruit trees in public spaces.

Puy-Saint-André was awarded 3rd place among all municipalities in France – more than 35,000 – for its production of thermal solar energy.

In 2011, we also created the very first semi-public company for renewable energy generation in France called “la S.E.V.E.” to achieve energy self-sufficiency. Bringing together citizens as well as local authorities and companies, this company produces more energy than needed in our municipal territory and generates dividends, which are then redistributed to its shareholders. We own 13 photovoltaic power plants and we hope to soon own 3 wind turbines et many hydroelectric plants.

Furthermore, we helped many farmers settle down in order to develop local food systems and reach food autonomy.

We also developed public transport.

To make a long story short, we decided to empower ourselves and our citizens to be able to play our part and offer a more sustainable future to our territory.

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