Focus on the solution rather than the problem

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Have you ever been in a situation where, to reach a goal, you focus on the problem this goal causes rather than on the solution?
In this case, this article is for you!

What is the common point between driving a motorcycle and reaching your goals in life?

When I took my motorcycle driving test, the instructor pointed out the following: if an obstacle is coming your way, you should not focus on it if you want to drive around it. It would only lead you to ram right into it!

The best thing to do is to focus your attention on a point next to the obstacle so that you can drive your bike to this point and around the obstacle without problems.

I realized how relevant this advice was when I fell from a moped on the muddy and mountainous roads of Vietnam, fortunately without hurting myself. In this particular instance, I had not followed this advice.

But the most interesting is that the same principle can be extended to achieving goals in life.

Focusing on the person we do not want to be, on the life we do not want to have or following the fear of failure when we start a project will inevitably leads us to devote our energy and imagination to consider things that we do not want to see happening, therefore having a negative impact on our motivation.

This amounts to focusing on the obstacle in an attempt to drive around it.

However, focusing on the person we truly wish to become, on the life that we want to build or on the hope that a new project will succeed leads us to devote our energy and imagination to come up with solutions in order to achieve the goals that we do want to reach without becoming paralyzed by inherent difficulties.

Thus, we focus on the road to take in order to drive around the obstacle and not on the obstacle itself.

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